warriors vs heat

i’m going to go watch the warriors game tonight. my brother got me tickets to the game and i met up with him earlier this morning at starbucks, the place of his employment, to get the tickets from him. i also happened to pick up a white mocha while i was there.

this’ll be my first warriors game of the season and though i haven’t been really following them this year, i have a feeling that they are going to beat the heat. some may laugh at me for thinking that it is not just a mere formality that the heat will destroy the warriors, but i do believe it was last year when i went to the warriors vs laker game that my faithful warriors beat out the lakers to send them home crying…in shame.

so we’ll see what happens!


laptop fall

as i was taking my laptop out of the car, i slung the laptop case strap over my shoulder and headed out of the parking lot. as i lifted the strap over my shoulder, the bag felt like it was getting lighter. i looked down at my bag and time seemed to freeze as i saw what was happening.

i forgot to zip up the case of the laptop bag and my laptop was falling out of the bag and plummeting towards the hard, wet, parking lot ground. my heart sank. though it probably only had about a foot or so to fall, the impact could have been enough to break the LCD lamp. all of these thoughts were racing through my head as i saw it slipping out of the bag.

i stuck my foot out under the laptop in a vain effort to save it from hitting the ground, but instead, it bounced off my foot and onto the ground.


but the laptop was ok, except for some bad scratching on the case corner. at least the case didn’t crack. at least the laptop didn’t break.

but that was not the start of the day that i was looking for yesterday.

but all in all, everything was ok so i won’t complain. i couldn’t relive that scary moment again yesterday by blogging about it, but i think i’m ok now. =P