low light photography


so i tried something new when i took pictures at jimmy’s birthday party last night, but i realize that i should not have experiemented in the way that i did. oh well. what’s worse is that i did the processing of the photos on my laptop and it appears that my laptop LCD has a red-shifted bias because the images didn’t look nearly as green as they do on my work machine. oh well, i’m too lazy to reprocess them, so i introduce to you all [url=http://www.ocliw.com/things/weekends/jimmyBday2005/]jimmy’s birthday dinner in green-o-vision[/url]. oh well, better luck next time!

still raining xmas gifts

while at [url=http://jimmy.ocliw.com]jimmy’s[/url] birthday dinner, eric gave me the mouse that i ordered from him last year as a christmas gift. pretty cool! so now i’ve finally got myself a wireless optical mouse for my laptop. i’m wondering how long it will take for the two AA batteries to die and how quickly i will have to replace them. i do like the on/off switch that the mouse has and the neoprene case that it comes with it also pretty cool. i am also a little concerned about how fragile it is and how it’ll do in transport in my laptop bag. but i’m very excited to try it out. maybe now, finally, i’ll be able to do some photoshopping on my laptop.