firefox annoyances

i’ve made the switch to firefox a while ago and for the most part i’ve been pretty happy with it. tabbed browsing, nice extensions, and probably the coolest thing about it is the nice cookie management…but there are some things that annoy me about it.

windows media doesn’t always work well when it is embedded in web pages.

flash objects tend to stomp over other HTML from time to time.

sometimes, i accidentally close all of my tabs by closing a window….i know, i know user error, but still…

parts of wells fargo’s website only accepts netscape and IE, so i have to fool it into thinking firefox is either one of these browsers.

and lastly, [url=]gg’s site[/url] renders funny in firefox.

stupid firefox, why be standards compliant? =P i still think that IE is a better browser for the average person. it’s just nicer.


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