moving along

i have finally finished coding out this one part of my project that has been haunting me for the longest time. it turned out that the way i solved the problem was by removing all of the code that was associated with this section and just start from scratch. man, this bit of code has been haunting me for the last several days. i wonder if that is what my bad dreams were about last night.

i look forward to going to sleep tonight. i’m tired and ready to go to bed.


unsettling dream

i had a bad dream last night. i don’t remember what happened, but i do remember waking up panting in a cold sweat. i couldn’t sleep well again after that. i wish i knew what it was about, but for the life of me i can’t rememeber. i had a hard time getting out of bed this morning though. i just didn’t feel like getting up and starting the day after such an unsettling night.

oh well, it’s hump day, hopefully it’ll get better soon.