moving along

i have finally finished coding out this one part of my project that has been haunting me for the longest time. it turned out that the way i solved the problem was by removing all of the code that was associated with this section and just start from scratch. man, this bit of code has been haunting me for the last several days. i wonder if that is what my bad dreams were about last night.

i look forward to going to sleep tonight. i’m tired and ready to go to bed.


unsettling dream

i had a bad dream last night. i don’t remember what happened, but i do remember waking up panting in a cold sweat. i couldn’t sleep well again after that. i wish i knew what it was about, but for the life of me i can’t rememeber. i had a hard time getting out of bed this morning though. i just didn’t feel like getting up and starting the day after such an unsettling night.

oh well, it’s hump day, hopefully it’ll get better soon.


day 4: 5 ramens down

unfortunately i have 16 more to go with the initial ramen taste test. 16 more packages of ramen. man, i don’t know if i have it in me to do that. i really just don’t know. i was making ramen today and my co-worker was making campbell’s chicken noodle soup. we looked at the sodium content for that soup and it was actually comparable to the sodium content in my instant noodles. that sort of made me feel better about how bad this instant noodle stuff is…and besides, i don’t drink the soup so that’s got to be tons more healthy for you…though, probably still not a healthy meal, eh?

i don’t know if i can do it. i mean, a package a day, twice a week…that’s now something like 8 weeks out before i’m done. two more months of this?? i don’t know if that’s something i can do….although, in the first week i did eat four packages of ramen so maybe it won’t be as bad as i think…maybe.

what i find interesting is that i’m redoing my rating system on the ramen after i try each ramen. you know, the newest ramen seems to be raising the bar, so past ramens need to be downgraded. what once was a B+ rating is now a C. go figure.

is it weird that i feel a little bouncy now? should i be concerned?



i was told recently that i’m a bit of a smart ass when it comes to talking to my siblings. i don’t see how that assessment could have come from one little comment i made.

i have a younger brother and a younger sister.

my brother and i routinely tell my sister that she is our favorite sister and then we ask her who her favorite brother is.

that’s not obnoxious, is it?


why i read clara’s blog

i love the fact that [url=]she says things[/url] like:

We also had fun enjoying pho food coma afterwards at Kat’s Bubble Tea House near Victoria and 49th St.

[Bubble Tea is a REQUIRED ACTIVITY after any and all pho eating activities! Well, at least it is in my book. =)]

seriously, that’s as good as the latest episode of committed where nate brings marni the special tea she likes…the one with the little balls!

firefox annoyances

i’ve made the switch to firefox a while ago and for the most part i’ve been pretty happy with it. tabbed browsing, nice extensions, and probably the coolest thing about it is the nice cookie management…but there are some things that annoy me about it.

windows media doesn’t always work well when it is embedded in web pages.

flash objects tend to stomp over other HTML from time to time.

sometimes, i accidentally close all of my tabs by closing a window….i know, i know user error, but still…

parts of wells fargo’s website only accepts netscape and IE, so i have to fool it into thinking firefox is either one of these browsers.

and lastly, [url=]gg’s site[/url] renders funny in firefox.

stupid firefox, why be standards compliant? =P i still think that IE is a better browser for the average person. it’s just nicer.



i’ve been on a big freeware kick lately and though i still believe that acdsee is the fastest and best image viewer for windows, i think that i’m going to switch to [url=]xnview[/url] since it is an adequate free version of an image viewer.

now, if only i can find something that is as good as photoshop…the gimp just doesn’t do it for me.


low light photography


so i tried something new when i took pictures at jimmy’s birthday party last night, but i realize that i should not have experiemented in the way that i did. oh well. what’s worse is that i did the processing of the photos on my laptop and it appears that my laptop LCD has a red-shifted bias because the images didn’t look nearly as green as they do on my work machine. oh well, i’m too lazy to reprocess them, so i introduce to you all [url=]jimmy’s birthday dinner in green-o-vision[/url]. oh well, better luck next time!

still raining xmas gifts

while at [url=]jimmy’s[/url] birthday dinner, eric gave me the mouse that i ordered from him last year as a christmas gift. pretty cool! so now i’ve finally got myself a wireless optical mouse for my laptop. i’m wondering how long it will take for the two AA batteries to die and how quickly i will have to replace them. i do like the on/off switch that the mouse has and the neoprene case that it comes with it also pretty cool. i am also a little concerned about how fragile it is and how it’ll do in transport in my laptop bag. but i’m very excited to try it out. maybe now, finally, i’ll be able to do some photoshopping on my laptop.


deep fryer

thanh and i met up for dinner at [url=]zachary’s pizza[/url] in berkeley on friday. it was the first time that we were able to meet up for a long while and we had gifts to exchange. i gave thanh her belated birthday and xmas gifts and she gave me a belated xmas gift. and though i’ve been trying to evade the call of the deep fryer for a long time now, she got me one.

so now i’m armed with a deep fryer and i don’t know what i’m going to do with it…besides, you know, deep frying stuff. i haven’t quite decided what i should fry first with it, but there are so many choices that it’s hard to just choose one thing to fry.

but funnel cakes do sound like a really good idea. i think that i’m going to have to get a funnel for this though. i have always wondered why they called it a funnel cake…heh, i should have figured as much!