happy days

i came home yesterday to find the site of pure happiness. after what seemed like an eternity, the DSL at the apartment had FINALLY been fixed. i called up tech support and after about an hour or so of painful walking through of how to reset my password, i was back up and running.

it’s strange how much you miss something, but after you have it, you don’t really do much with it. i mean, i know that i agonized over not having broadband, but once i got it and i tested it by browsing the web, i did not plant myself in front of the computer and spend the day browsing the web. no, instead, i went out and ran some errands. sort of makes me wonder why i was squirming in pain so much.

but the DSL is back up and i’m happy as a clam. i’ve started to put it to good use and we’ll see how long i can keep the line busy. i’m about to start making cookies now. lots and lots of cookies for the volleyball team later tonight. i’m hoping to make a batch or two before going out to hang out with [url=http://www.track15.com]dardy[/url] today. i figure he’s probably still sleeping, even though it’s noon, so i’ve got some time.



went to *bux today to use up some more of the gift card that i got from warren’s. the walk to *bux was actually a little bit longer than i thought it would be, but maybe that’s because it is cold, windy, and almost wet.

yeah, almost wet. it wasn’t raining, it wasn’t drizzling, it’s just that the atmosphere just feels like it’s about to rain. almost like a thick fog…

some people gawk when they see me put about three teaspoons of sugar in my caramel macchiato. it just isn’t sweet enough for me, ok? =P

oh yeah, the whole reason i started this post was because i saw someone refer to starbucks as *bux. silly, really.


another cold, wet day

i like the rain. i like it when it is raining and i’m sitting warmly at home, nice and dry. i do not like driving in the rain. i do not like walking in the rain, either. so far today, i’ve had to walk in the rain to get to my car only to drive my car in the rain to park it so that i can again walk in the rain.

why did the day take this sudden turn for the worse?

well, what’s worse is wearing baggy jeans that drag on the wet ground. that’s why today, i decided to wear a belt and to wear my jeans higher than normal to minimize my wetness. indeed, it seemed like a good strategy, but it is a little uncomfortable.

no matter, it is friday and i’m eager to get some work done and plow through the day so that i can go back home and comfortably stay warm. that’s the plan and i’m sticking to it.

days like this make me want to just stay in, though. maybe i’ll take advantage of the [url=http://www.brookstone.com/shop/product.asp?product_code=403147&search_type=search&search_words=backgammon&prodtemp=t1&cm_re=Result*R2C1*A]3-in-1 game set[/url] that my sister got me for xmas and learn how to play backgammon. i’ve never learned how to play it before so it’s interesting because i’ve seen it from forever ago. i do wonder why it is that i never learned the game and always opted to play checkers instead.

anyhow, it seems like a fun game, so we’ll see how it really is in action.

i never realized that this was a betting game, though. very interesting! i wonder what kind of bets will come out of this game. maybe we will play a penny a point or something. we’ll see.


korea house, poker, and no television

i didn’t watch any tv last night. this is sort of a big deal because now i’m sure that i’m many hours behind in my tv watching schedule. oh well.

last night mia got a few people together for dinner at korea house. i do love korea house. so mia, leeya, nelson, shirley, and i feasted on lots of meat and other side dish joys before heading over to poker night. it seems that people are showing up later and later every week, and though i say that it starts at a given time, i don’t think anyone showed up until an hour afterwards.

we had a surprise blast from the past guest last night, a friend of shirley’s who happened to go to high school with me. i was surprised to say the least. it is such a small, small world.

but with all of that, there was no tv to be watched. i have the sports illustrated swimsuit model search on the replay just waiting to be watched. perhaps that will be tonight’s festivities.

my shoulder’s still bothering me a bit. i haven’t been very diligent about strengthening it after the big fall so i guess i ought to before i reinjure myself.

last day of the week, i’m excited. this weekend ought to be a little relaxing, but i want to make some chocolate chip cookies before sunday night’s game so that the team and i can snack on some cookies while we play volleyball. it’s the start of a new season, i hope it’ll be a lot of fun…i just have to think up of a new cheer for the team. hmmmmm.


another day, another free hot spot

i’m hanging out at java town cafe in santa clara right now where i happened to stumble upon their free wireless hotspot. i was actually wardriving up and down el camino real looking for a place to hang out before going to korea house for dinner before tonight’s big poker night.

i haven’t played poker in a long, long time, so it’ll be nice to be able to go play some poker. i’m getting a little hungry so it’ll be good to get some good eating in before the game.

i do miss the DSL at the apartment. i’m hoping that it’ll be fixed up soon…very soon.

but life without broadband is interesting. more tv, mostly. i guess that isn’t very interesting, eh? but i did get a chance to watch committed the other night. even though the critics hated it, i really liked the show. i enjoyed its quirky humor.


server issues

i think there’s something wrong with my server, it seems awfully slow.

i haven’t been posting much, mostly because i feel like there hasn’t been much to write about. or maybe it’s because i’ve been really busy lately. i’m not sure…but let me see if i can do a quick recap of things.

my new year’s was fun, though my back was hurting a little so i had to cut it a little short. but still, was able to go out clubbing to ring in the new year.

aside from that, getting back into the swing of things at work is a little hard. i don’t know what it is, but i just can’t seem to get used to the schedule that i used to keep. so it’s really hard waking up that early in the morning and i’m not sure what my options really are besides getting into work later and having to leave a little later. oh well.

i’ve been playing around with the idea of switching blog software again. i’m sort of looking into other alternatives again, but we’ll see.

oh, oh, oh! i just found out about [url=http://www.knoppix.org/]knoppix[/url], the live linux distribution that fits on a CD. this may be my favorite linux distribution now for my laptop.

not much else going on, really….except TV!

man…too much tv…too little time.