grace park

[url=]she’s the girl who plays boomer[/url] on battlestar galactica. i always thought that she was cute on the show, but i never realized how COMPLETELY HOT she is.


14 thoughts on “grace park”

  1. hm. she was in romeo must die? was the she one who pulled down the girl’s dress or the girl whose dress got pulled down?

    i must say, that nipple exposure scene was the best part of the movie. i don’t usually dig scenes with lesbian undertones, but that one was a clear exception. 🙂

  2. you don’t remember? she was one of the 2 Asian girls making out on the dance floor at a club in the movie Romeo Must Die. I thought that was a pretty “revealing” scene if you ask me.

  3. woah! a girl that you are not sure about! go figure though that it’s a girl that i think is really hot. see, this proves that our tastes are rather divergent!

  4. korean, i think, with a last name like “park.”

    i don’t find her all that hot, though. i think the face is giving me issues. so therefore, i am not sure if i’d do her. 🙂

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