dawson’s creek

oh man…i didn’t realize that there were 6 seasons of dawson’s creek! only seasons 1-4 are out on DVD! the horror! the horror! how could i relive all of the days of dawson’s if they aren’t out to rent! so sad.

this, coupled with the news that my new LCD has a dead pixel is about all the bad news i can take today.

5 thoughts on “dawson’s creek”

  1. sometimes you don’t see what’s been in front of you all along. it’s the classic love story. boy meets girl. boy befriends girl. boy doesn’t realize that girl has a burning desire for him. girl sits in teenage angst. girl does something to get boy’s attention. boy finally realizes how special girl is and the boy and girl live happily ever after.

    it’s like superman and lois lane…except without the x-ray vision.

  2. See what an idiot Dawson was. In fact, Dawson couldn’t even see Joey until she got all dolled up and competed in that beauty pageant. IDIOT!

  3. i’m about halfway through the first season of dawson’s creek and i have to say that all of this teenage angst brings back a lot of memories!

    but man, i still can’t believe that dawson was so obsessed with jen early into the show. it just isn’t right.

  4. where have you been? everyone knows there were 6 seasons of dc. and everyone agrees it should have been more. hehe. 🙂

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