tru calling

fox has finally aired the first episode of the second season of tru calling! now, i’m not sure what it was about this show that i loved last season, but i sort of thought that this first episode was a little awkward.

oh well, i hope that it continues to air and do well. otherwise, that’s another show that i will have to ax from my ever-growing list of shows to watch.

super bowl halftime show

i haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet, but i thought that the superbowl halftime show was really, really bad. am i the only one who felt this way? completely unexciting, boring, and just way out of vogue.

oh well, at least it was safe.

and the pregame show…did anyone else notice that it was called the best darn super bowl road show? well, golly gee, wilbur, look at that.


went to rudy’s last night in palo alto. there was some drinking to be done and some dancing afterwards. i never really noticed rudy’s, but there’s a $5 cover for guys, girls get in free. i had a rum and coke to start the night off and then a surprisingly large shot of patron later on. i’m not sure what it was, but that shot of patron did a number on me. man, talk about being a lightweight. we stayed there until about 1 and then i started to get sleepy. i don’t know if it is because i’m getting old or what, but i had to go and sleep.

curiosity leads to

way too much information than i think i needed to know. i’ve always been sort of a curious child and this curiosity has sometimes led me to find out things that i didn’t need to know.

you’d think that because i’ve found out too much, i’d stop, but still, it’s like a moth to a flame. i just can’t help it.


i remember a long, long time ago, i was talking to a friend of mine back in high school. we were talking about a friend of ours who he reffered to as “having a golden boot shoved up his ass.” i had never heard this expression before, so i asked my friend to explain it. he told me that basically it means that he’s had everything handed to him on a silver platter and his perfect life was not earned, but rather through just given to him.

i feel that people like this don’t really understand the world. they have these false expectations that things should just happen and they feel that if something doesn’t happen their way, then something is very wrong. if you’ve lived a charmed life like that, your expectations are just insanely unrealistic.

i think one of the frustrating things that i see is that i put a lot of work and energy in the things i do to get to where i am…and so when i see other people just handed certain things in their life, i feel like it’s wildly unfair. surely there must be justice in the world, right?

double trouble

i was really thirsty the other day and i went to 7-eleven to get a drink. imagine my surprise when i saw the double gulp size. sure, i’ve seen super gulp, but double gulp? nearly 2 liters of soft drink joy.

[url=/image.php?image=/images/2005/0204/IMG_8143.jpg&title=double+gulp][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2005/0204/IMG_8144.jpg&title=double+gulp][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2005/0204/IMG_8146.jpg&title=double+gulp][/url]

[url=/image.php?image=/images/2005/0204/IMG_8148.jpg&title=double+gulp][/url] [url=/image.php?image=/images/2005/0204/IMG_8149.jpg&title=double+gulp][/url]

desperate times

it’s true. desperate times call for desperate measures. because my laptop power brick is dead, i decided to try and revive my old toshiba laptop. i’ve hated this laptop ever since i first got it. why? because it was the line of laptops that eventually became the subject of [url=,aid,103700,00.asp]a class action suit[/url] where i got a nifty check at the end of the day. still, the laptop is terribly slow and it’s painful to do anything of it. that, plus the fact that there’s only 384MB of ram makes for a very painful experience.

i’m trying really hard to install windowsXP on it, but i’m thinking that maybe XP isn’t the right operating system for this machine. oh yeah, so it turns out that there is a design flaw for this laptop and it suffers from overheating and randomly shutting itself off. lovely. so toshiba has issued a fix for it, which basically makes the machine run SLOWER so that it doesn’t heat up as much.


i would try running linux off this machine, but…i don’t know, can i really run on a linux laptop? can i?

why i read dardy

[url=]entries like this[/url] remind me of the days when talking to a girl filled me up with fear and butterflies. it’s all the joys and pains of dawson’s creek and more.

he just leaves it all out there…sometimes it’s too much information, but most of the time it’s the boldness of writing without worrying about what others think.