i used to be a big erasure. huge. i remember back in high school and when called me up the night before the release of the i say, i say, i say album and told me that a certain CD store had it on sale at midnight or something and we just HAD to go and get it.

so we did.

that was probably the last great erasure album i bought. ever since then, it’s been a bit of a disappointment. maybe cowboy was ok, i did go to that concert, but i don’t know…something about erasure these days that doesn’t really excite me.

but i did not know that the new erasure album nightbird was out until warren mentioned it on his blog. i quickly decided to check out the album and i’ve finished listening to it once and so far, i’m pretty unimpressed. i’m going to give it another listen now, but so far, no good.

2 thoughts on “erasure?”

  1. yah. some ppl think it’s their “comeback” album while others feel it shows erasure has run out of steam…I personally like the album..but definitely not as much as “Wild” or “Erasure.”

  2. i like erasure too, but never went to their concerts. i think i have 4-5 cds from them, but lost interest afterwhile.

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