tuesday night bowling

so i went bowling tonight by myself. i was tempted to call someone and see if they wanted to join me, but i decided that it was better to spend the evening alone and collect my thoughts. as it turned out, when i got to the alley, i ended up playing next to cheng, diep, vivian, and company.

oh well, so much for solitude. i am thinking, though, that maybe i should make a day of the week a night of solitude. i wonder how that’ll work out…then again, many nights can shape up like that if i’m not too careful. =P

bowling alone was actually sort of fun though. i played 3 games for $6 and bowled a 119, 154, and 139. so i was still right around my average even though i haven’t bowled in a long time. it took about an hour to finish out those three games and then i went home and lazied about for a bit.

i guess i should take advantage of the tuesday nights that i get off because i’ll be playing volleyball again soon. my new volleyball team name? we’re known as the setting ducks. hopefully we won’t be clobbered by the other teams. =)

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