more accepting

dear george,

we’ve known each for some time, but it seems that we’ve never really gotten close. i don’t know if that’s because you build up all these walls around you, if i have the walls around me, or if it’s because it just wasn’t meant to be. but there are times when i know that i have been passively aggressive to you because i’m annoyed or disagree with some of your beliefs and attitudes about life.

it was actually a friend of mine who i haven’t had the chance to talk to much who said something to me that reminded me of you. she told me to “think positive.” and i think it’s time that i start to do that with you. i don’t think that there is anything inherently wrong, but i do think it’s time for an attitude adjustment on my part. so i’m going to try and think positive and see where it takes us.

it’s a whole new world, bud.

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