waffles for dinner

waffles for dinner

desperate times call for desperate measures. i was hungry after volleyball last night but i forgot to pick up something to eat on the way home. i had already showered and didn’t want to go out to get anything so i scrounged around the apartment to see what i had.

apparently i didn’t have much of anything. looks like i’m going to have to go grocery shopping. but this is what i ended up eating. i still cannot believe that there exists someone who lives in the united states who has never seen a waffle before. that amazes me to no end.

the villaware belgian waffle maker that i got from my sister as a christmas gift many years ago is the best waffle maker i’ve ever used. not only can you adjust how crispy you want your waffle, but it also has what they call a “waffle tone”. the waffle maker will start beeping once the waffle is ready. no longer do you have to keep checking to see if a little light has lit up to see if it is ready. it’ll just beep you. that is awesome.

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