jamba juice fun

me: i’ll have a razzmatazz, no bananas, sub blueberries, with a vita-boost, please.
cashier: ok, razzmatazz, no bananas, sub blueberries. and what’s your name?
me: josiah.
cashier: what?
me: josiah.
cashier: how do you spell that?
me: uhhh.. J-O-S-I-A-uhhh…H?
cashier: that’s a pretty name.
me: thanks!

i never had anyone ask me how to spell it before. i almost got caught with my fake name. why wouldn’t you know how to spell your own name? good question!

9 thoughts on “jamba juice fun”

  1. i don’t know where this started from. i think part of the reason is because my real name (mike) is very common and often times i would hear my name called but it wouldn’t be my order. or sometimes people would take my order instead. so i decided that i needed something more unique so that it wouldn’t happen so much.

  2. hahhaha…ur such a dork. reminds me of me….only, i didn’t know how to spell my own name =)

  3. lol! i use a fake name for jj and starbucks too. but only b/c everyone *always* gets my name wrong. i used to use “jenny” for the exact opposite reason as why you don’t use mike. i wanted something common and easy to spell. but lately, i’ve been using “summer.” blame it on the o.c. 😉

  4. well they never get mine wrong.
    Maybe cos they actually write “Y.K.” on the cups.
    Would be interesting to give a random name like “zorghentweibzeir” or a common noun like “shoe”. I’ll try that next time.

  5. i had a pair of friends who used to go to fast food places and the first would leave the name “smith”. the second would leave “wesson”. i thought that was pretty comical.

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