the art of conversation

sometimes i feel like i’ve lost the ability to make conversation. i think that i had honed my skills back in college where i would spend countless nights up late just talking. i guess that’s part of the whole college experience. but i felt like i had many more engaging conversations then compared to that of now.

i’ve lost that skill. the art of conversation is amazing because for those who have it, you will never be bored. you can make anyone, anywhere an event.

i think it’s time to bone up on my conversation skills.

5 thoughts on “the art of conversation”

  1. It may not be you, it may be the circumstances now. Outside of college, it is more difficult to build relationships, so the conversation with people one just meet tend to get stuck in the “small talk” stage. I do fine with small talks, but I find it fruitless and sometimes I avoid it subconciously. Enjoy your little excursion out in the world to brush up on your conversations skills! =)

  2. i think the convenience of digital forms of communication (ie, aim, email, etc.) has replaced the need for regular face to face interactions with people (hence, conversation). thus, overtime, we lose these communication skills. (though some of us, okay, me- never had it in the first place!). the beauty of commenting on your blog is that i can talk to you and never have to fix my hair! 😉

  3. I think it also depends on your mood and surroundings. there are times that I can’t stop talking and then there are times I feel like a complete mute. sometimes the pressure of having to carry a conversation feels like pulling your own teeth. but with the right people and the right mood, good conversation usually flows effortlessly.

  4. it is interesting the differences between digital and verbal communication. some people seem to excel at digital communication, but when you go to meet them, the same kind of chemistry that you had seems to fizzle away. strange, how that works because we are all the same people with the same thoughts.

    i’ve also felt at times that making conversation with some people is like pulling teeth. either we have nothing in common to talk about or i just can’t seem to engage the other person. sometimes, though, i wonder about some of the quiet people i run across. i wonder if after going to a party and not saying a word to anyone if they feel fulfilled. sometimes i wonder if i should have brought them with me or not.

  5. ..and sometimes it’s easier to pour your heart out to a complete stranger than it is to your best friend..

    and let’s not forget that some people are just more shy than others..and take a bit longer to warm up and feel comfortable.

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