abe and dounya

last night i met up with abe and dounya after far too much time has passed. i met their beautiful daughter, melina. she was supposedly very cranky yesterday but i thought she was pretty delightful for most of the time. parenthood has really changed them, but in such a good way. i played with melina for a little bit, she is just adorable.

it really made me think about what is important in life. spending time with abe brings back to me this kind of exuberance that only he can really muster out of life. i remembered what it was like to work with him and how much fun it was. i remembered what it was like to be so passionate about what you did that you looked forward to going to work everyday…even weekends.

spending time with him and dounya does really warm the heart and i wish that i would spend time with them more often. they are truly blessed people.

i also saw their wedding album. i can’t believe it’s been nearly five years since they’ve been married. the album was beautiful and it gave me several ideas about what kind of pictures to take at a wedding. i haven’t really spent a lot of time taking pictures in that kind of setting so it was really nice to see. looks like i’ll be getting a little practice this weekend at warren’s wedding.

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