stressful moments

today has been a little bit stressful. a bunch of things didn’t happen that i was sort of hoping would.

i woke up to realize that an interview that i was supposed to be conducting was taking place very soon. i rushed to work, but missed it. luckily, paul filled in for me.

i’ve been so busy at work and with other things on my mind that i haven’t really been giving the volleyball tournament i’m organizing enough time. as a result a few things have slipped so i spent a good part of today trying to get back on track with that. my co-chair is not being very proactive about helping. in fact, she told me that she decided to demote herself to vice chair. ahem.

and to top it all off i haven’t been able to figure out why this one section of my code is all bugged out. i hate buggy code. i hate that i write so much of it. =P

i ran out of the apartment this morning thinking a million thoughts and now that the day is finally settling down, i feel like i’ve started to catch my breath and relax just a little bit.

i think that i might leave work a little early and just kind of cool off and relax a little bit before volleyball tonight. looks like i’ll be subbing again.

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