new car

it looks like i’m going to have to get a new car. i was telling my parents about how my car needs service and how much of a pain it is. my mom promptly told me that she has decided for me that i need to go and buy a new car.

apparently, i’ve told her in the past that if there is one more repair that i need to perform on this car, i am going to ditch it and get a new car. this was probably like 4 or 5 repairs ago. so she set her foot down and told me that i have to get a new car.

the new car has to have a few features that make it hard for me to decide what to get, but i have a very short deadline to get this car before my mom hunts me down and starts nagging me about getting a new car.

the car has to:

  • have four doors.
  • be able to carry my bike, preferably up to 4 bikes.
  • be fuel efficient.
  • fit a volleyball net in the trunk.

    i’m not sure if i want to get a roof rack or a hitch rack yet. i suppose it may be nice to have a roof rack so that i can get a box, if i ever go down that path. maybe i can make use of my parent’s snowboarding rack too. most of my friends have opted to get a roof rack for their cars, i wonder why.