citybeach playoffs

last night was playoffs for my monday night citybeach team. we got eliminated in the first round of our play after having a bye. i’m pretty disappointed that we lost, not because we lost, but because we played absolutely awfully. the team that we played against was a good team, but it was just sad to see that the curse of the citybeach playoffs struck our team, yet again.

the only consolation that i have of the evening is that jen’s team beat them. i guess i can find comfort in that? i don’t know.

tuesday night volleyball is coming to a close for me and i think that i’m going to be scaling back on my volleyball nights. i’m not sure what i’m going to be doing, really, but i guess three nights of volleyball do seem like a little too much. i’m hoping to find something interesting and fun to do instead, but i may just devote it to a rotating pearl tea night out instead. i feel like i haven’t had pearl tea with my pearl tea girls in so long. i feel rather disconnected.