JACL GrassSet tournament

today was the JACL GrassSet tournament that jen and i organized. i think the tournament went quite well, so i’m pretty happy about that. there are some loose ends to finish off, but aside from that, it seems to all be good.

it was a lot of work to put the teams together, i was really surprised at how much was involved, but the day of the tournament went by pretty smoothly, so i’m pretty happy that it all went well.

my team did pretty well, several people were giving us a hard time about sandbagging and if you look at our record, it might seem like that, but i think that we were in the right pool. i had a lot of fun with the team. we won our pool and got some shirts. i think that everyone had fun, i was really worried about some of the teams that were playing but i think it all worked out.

exes and friends

i’ve been thinking lately about relationships, past, present, and future. i have always sort of thought that there would be some exes of mine that i can totally see being friends with. we have this shared past and a great connection and why wouldn’t we make good friends? especially if we have gotten over whatever hurdles we couldn’t overcome in our relationship? it should be easy to step back into a friendship, right?

so i was talking to a friend of mine today and she was telling me that maybe my expectations of what kind of friend i can be with my ex is unrealistic. that the kind of friendship that i have with an ex cannot be nearly as close as that with my other friends because of the history that we have had. i was going to protest and argue the other way, but then i started thinking about girls that i’ve dated and what kind of friends that we are now.

it makes me sad because i think that there are some exes that i can really be good friends with. i’m not sure if it is because we’ve gotten busy in our own lives or if we have just drifted apart or what, but we really aren’t the kind of friends that i think we could be.

and maybe that’s what i need to do is change my expectation level of what kind of friends i can be with my ex. maybe we really can’t be all that close, after all. is that really the case?