sunburned and peeling

the last few days have been pretty stressful. i’m just finally getting a second to catch my breath. after the tournament yesterday, i’ve been pretty sunburned. i have a nasty ankle brace tan, but those tan lines are fading and my arms aren’t nearly as dark as they once were.

my face was a lovely shade of lobster red and my lips sting whenever they touch anything remotely spicy. i was sitting in a meeting this morning and i was rubbing my chin as i quite often do when i’m deep in thought and then i see little flakes of skin fall down onto my notebook.

i glance around to see if anyone saw that face is peeling off onto my lap, but it seems that everyone was quite engrossed in the presentation that we were having. excellent. so then i casually give my face a little feel to see how badly i’m peeling and i realize that my whole face must resemble a desert wasteland. i’m feeling like crazy and i tried very hard throughout the meeting not to touch my face anymore.

after the meeting, i went to the bathroom to give my face a good wash. hopefully, it’s better now. my lips are terribly chapped though and they sting. i need to do something about it.

if i had a gf, i would cozy up to her and tell her in the cutest voice i could possibly muster that i have a boo boo. i would ask her if she would kiss it for me and make it better. when she asks me where it is, i would point at my dry, cracking lips. i would imagine that it would be about this time that she would look at my lips, gag in disgust and walk away.

i don’t get lucky in my own daydreams.

maybe it’s a good thing that i’m single now, that way i won’t have to deal with that kind of rejection. =P

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  1. I got sunburned and my face is peeling too….How long did it take for your whole face to stop peeling, because i dont want to hide forever.

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