2nd pair of BR jeans

i’ve been wearing what i considered to be the looser of the two jeans that i bought from BR a while ago and i think that i started to finally get used to them. so, of course, i decide that i need to go and wear the other pair that i thought was way too tight.

man, i know that these jeans aren’t really that tight, not like 80s jordache jeans tight, but i feel rather uncomfortable. jen said they look fine, so i’m going to try them out and see if i can survive the day in them…not like i have much of a choice now.

i think the most annoying thing about these jeans is that i don’t think that i can comfortable keep my wallet, keys, and cell phone in my pockets. what’s the point in having pockets if, by putting things in them, they are uncomfortable and juts out at you? anyway, i can put my wallet in my back pocket, but it’s uncomfortable sitting down. the back pocket is positioned in a weird place relative to my normal sitting position.

a friend from vegas was telling me about how she has to stretch out her jeans before she goes out so that they are more comfortable. i didn’t realize that there was so much work involved in wearing jeans.

3 thoughts on “2nd pair of BR jeans”

  1. the usage of pockets is a mystery to the female population. we use a purse. you should consider a man purshe. =)

  2. a man purse? you know, i was called a girl all weekend this last weekend for the things that i do. it’s bad enough that i get called a girl for liking romantic comedies, for ordering a strawberry lemonade instead of a coke, and for fretting about tan lines. but those are all reasonable.

    a man purse? not so much. =P

    when i do carry my camera bag with me, i cram all my stuff in that though. i guess it’s a pseudo man purse of sorts.

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