picture this

i am getting ready to go play volleyball. i am vain enough to gel my hair even though i know i’m going to be sweaty and my hair is going to fuzz out, but i don’t care. so i’m gelling my hair and blow drying it because my hair is still too short and if left unchecked i will look like a porcupine.

so, the blow dryer is on and i’m patting my hair down. it is being a little uncooperative so i turn the sink on a little to get my hand wet to pat down the hair. as i am patting it down, i’m about done so i reach over to unplug the blow dryer while it is still on. why i don’t turn off the blow dryer, i don’t know.

so i’m reaching over to unplug it and i notice the little electrical shock warning on the cable. i think to myself, “oh my hand is wet, i better not get electricuted.” and then i think to myself, “maybe i should dry my hand.”

but i press on. i don’t know what happened next, but i’m reaching over with my wet hand to unplug it when all of a sudden i lose my balance. i grab the sink to prevent me from falling (which still has running water) and in my other hand is the blow dryer. instinctively i brace for my fall with my other hand and i see in slow motion the blow dryer headed for the running water, still in hand.

i have a freak-out split second and then i don’t know why this thought comes into my head, but i think to myself, “i sure could use a donut right now.”

i didn’t get electricuted. my blow dryer is fine. my hair is fine. i still want a donut, though.