roof rack

i’m in the process of buying a roof rack for my car. i’m getting it in pieces and it’s a maddening process. i’m such a craigslist addict right now. i’ve missed a few deals already so i’m trying to keep up to date with it in case the rack of my dreams is for sale.

speaking of which, i was in the car the other day and because i am looking to buy a roof rack, whenever a car passes me on the road, i will check it out.

me: woah, check out THAT RACK!
friend: where?
me: right over there!
friend: …
friend: you aren’t talking about a girl, are you?
me: *blink, blink* what?!

busier than your average bear

the last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. i’m not sure where to start.

i went to watch star wars friday night. the movie was excellent. way better than i expected. the only thing that i would have to comment on is that natalie portman looked incredibly ugly throughout the movie. especially the scene where she was out on the balcony in the cool night air, i thought it must have been a joke how bad she looked.

saturday was a day of volleyball. there was something like 25 people that showed up for volleyball. it was great fun and though i did get a little sunburned, it was well worth it. i don’t think that i’ve seen so many people at the park playing volleyball before, but it was pretty cool.

sunday started earlier than it probably should have. i went wine tasting in sonoma. the wine tasting consisted of a bunch of us biking around sonoma from winery to winery and sampling various wines. some of the wineries there were just amazing to look at. there was a wilson winery with what looked like a cesspool in front of the vineyards that bubbled up smelly goo. that was pretty gross.

i had dinner at sundance steakhouse in palo alto. man, i really do love prime rib. it’s been far too long since i’ve had my fix of meat.

monday was spent relaxing. i picked up a used yakima ankle biter bike tray for my yet to be bought bike rack. it’s all coming together. i then headed off for a memorial day bbq. that was pretty fun, i got to check out a really nice grill and eat some good food.

all in all the weekend was pretty amazing and fun. it’s nice to be surrounded by good friends and good times.