lensbaby 2.0, baby!


my lensbaby came in the mail today. awesome! of course this is the only day that i don’t bring my camera with me, so i won’t be able to play with my lensbaby until later this evening, but i’m very excited.

from what i understand, you either love it or hate it, so we’ll have to see which one it ends up being for me.

another whirlwind weekend

the weekends are just far too short. i don’t know where the time goes, but it goes by quickly. i’ve been trying to organize my thoughts from the weekend, so much had happened.

saturday was warren and viki’s wedding. i have to admit that i was a little apprehensive about going to the wedding alone. i thought that i t might be too painful of a reminder that i’m single and to see all the couples about might really get me down, but it was actually quite the opposite. the wedding was wonderful.

when i saw the happy couple at the banquet and i can see how really happy they were, it struck a chord in me. it was a reminder of what true bliss is like. it reminded me of times where i was the happiest person around. it reminded me of the time when i didn’t think that life could get any better. i can’t say that i recall living in bliss often, and i can’t say that it’s easy for me to remember what it is like, but on saturday, i felt like i was living around it again.

sunday was a pretty lazy day. in the late afternoon, dardy and i met up for some pearl tea at the fantasia near mike’s place. that fantasia is weird, very americanized. i got a strawberry smoothie there and it was quite tasty.

after that we headed over to mike’s place where we met up with other people and then headed out to celebrate paul’s birthday. i have pictures from the evening, but haven’t really looked at them yet, so there’ll be a post about that later.

after having too much ice cream cake, i was feeling tired so i retired for the evening and went to sleep.

clothes report

so for warren’s wedding i decided to try a more casual look and i think that it can be described as the jake in progress look. it’s basically a french cuff shirt from banana republic, no tie, and a sportscoat. i wish i took a picture earlier in the evening instead of at the end of the evening, but oh well.

warren gave me a strange look and had a funny reaction to the shirt. i thought it was funny, but no one else at the wedding went without a tie. i didn’t feel out of place, though.

wannabe jake wannabe jake 2