testing people

someone said something to me yesterday that made me sad. it sounded like an offhand comment that was pretty matter of fact, but now that i think about it, i wonder if there was maybe more to it than that. i wonder if people say certain things to illicit a reaction from others. i wonder if people say certain things to gauge what other people are thinking.

it makes my head hurt a little bit to think in these ways because it is so much easier if people just say what they mean. sometimes i think that i’m in a position where i need to act if i want things to work out the way that i want to, and by inaction, the opportunity will pass me by. so many missed opportunities have gone by the in past it makes me wonder if i need to be bold now.

be bold, mike. that’s what i tell myself. stop being so scared. stop letting life pass you by. stop playing it so safe. stop worrying so much. maybe one grand gesture is all that you need and after that everything will just work itself out.

or is it that life is just supposed to work out magically whether you actively try or not?

i’m thinking nowadays that it’s time to be bold. act. pee into the wind.

7 thoughts on “testing people”

  1. more importantly, be true to yourself. respect yourself and those around you. those who just plumit stupidly into certain things are bold, but like i said, stupid. hope all is well.

  2. i often make comments for the sole purpose of eliciting a response/reaction. i try to stay away from saying hurtful things, but i feel much more comfortable having “tested the waters” before fully diving into it.

  3. i think the thing is that i don’t like being tested. i feel like sometimes when you are being tested you are being pushed to say something that you either are not ready to say or that you are put in a no win situation. it’s one thing to feel the waters, i guess, it’s another to have the pressure of the test.

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