looking for love

remember the old sierra game leisure suit larry? it was one of the first mainstream adult games for the PC. i remember when you started the game, you would have to answer these trivia questions that only “mature” audiences would know the answers to. i found that pretty funny.

one of the LSL games was called leisure suit larry goes looking for love (in several wrong places). i used to go looking for love. quite often i would be looking for love in all sorts of places, sometimes in the wrong places, sometimes in no place i really should have gone. i do want to find love, the kind of crazy love that consumes you for the rest of your life. but i don’t think that i’m looking for love anymore.

it’s strange. it used to be my personal quest to be looking for love. most recently, i feel like i’m not even looking anymore. people say that love will find you when you least expect it and sometimes in the most unsuspecting of places. i agree with that, and though i feel like i have (temporarily =P) given up looking for love, i do hope that love will find me.

and hey, love, find me soon, ok?

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  1. Let me know if you want to borrow my little red “cheater” notebook of all the Leisure Suit Larry “adult” questions and answers. Heh. Those were the days. “You never knew that fruit was so exciting.” “Hmm. Is that the smell of burning rubber?” “It takes leather balls to play rugby.” Wow, I’m 14 again!

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