through a photographer’s eye

i often tell people that it is not the camera that makes the photo, it is the photographer. i remember a while ago that my friend was complaining to me about how his digital camera is no good and how he needs to get a super fancy digital SLR camera so that he can take good pictures.

though i agree that digital SLRs are absolutely fabulous cameras, i don’t think that you need one to take absolutely fabulous pictures.

these are probably two of my favorite night shots. i love the boldness of the matterhorn and i love the virbant colors of the disneyland castle. i think that they are both just amazing. i love the detail in the matterhorn rocks and the castle and i love how the structures both just pop out of the night sky.

these are probably my two favorite night photos and they were both taken with my $325 throwaway canon s400 elph, not my $2000+ digital SLR. now, could the digital SLR take the same pictures? of course. but the cheap camera did just fine.

i try to educate people who think that getting a really expensive camera will yield better pictures. i don’t think that is automatically true. in fact, when i first got my digital SLR, i would say that most of my pictures were awful. there’s a lot to learn and a digital SLR just gives you way more ways to screw up a picture.

i think that i’m just being unreasonable. a bunch of my friends have bought the same camera that i have, so i don’t feel special anymore. =P

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