testing people

someone said something to me yesterday that made me sad. it sounded like an offhand comment that was pretty matter of fact, but now that i think about it, i wonder if there was maybe more to it than that. i wonder if people say certain things to illicit a reaction from others. i wonder if people say certain things to gauge what other people are thinking.

it makes my head hurt a little bit to think in these ways because it is so much easier if people just say what they mean. sometimes i think that i’m in a position where i need to act if i want things to work out the way that i want to, and by inaction, the opportunity will pass me by. so many missed opportunities have gone by the in past it makes me wonder if i need to be bold now.

be bold, mike. that’s what i tell myself. stop being so scared. stop letting life pass you by. stop playing it so safe. stop worrying so much. maybe one grand gesture is all that you need and after that everything will just work itself out.

or is it that life is just supposed to work out magically whether you actively try or not?

i’m thinking nowadays that it’s time to be bold. act. pee into the wind.

pearl teaing with thanh

thanh called me unexpectedly today and asked me if i wanted to get pearl tea. i don’t remember when the last time i had pearl tea was, but it’s been a long, long time. with all the volleyball that i’ve been playing at night, i don’t get much of a chance to get pearl tea with the girls anymore. i miss those days. now with my tuesday night volleyball being over, i think that i’ll have more time to relax during the evenings and just relax and sip on some pearl tea.

portable GPS?

i’m thinking about getting a portable GPS unit for the car. i’ve been lugging the laptop with me everywhere i go, but how nice would it be to have the mapping software stored on a PDA? i’ve seen it in action in eric’s car and it seemed pretty neat.

what would be really nice is if either the PDA or my laptop could receive the GPS information. that would be really neat indeed.

what a weekend

this weekend was packed with so many nuggets of goodness it’s hard to remember them all.

friday was a pretty relaxing day. how the hours pass are still unclear to me, but i did some much needed laundry as well as some general cleaning about in the apartment. i tried to get some felt for the poker table for the poker game later this week, but it does not appear as if that is going to be the case anymore.

saturday was really exciting. i took pictures of alisa and steve at villa montalvo. i learned a lot about outdoor portrait work and i hope that i will improve my skills. after the shoot, i went to play volleyball in the park. it’s always nice to get some fun in the sun. i think that i’ve been getting a little too much sun lately, but luckily no burns this last weekend. i’m not sure if that is because i’m still burnt from last week or not, but that’s the way it is. after that i went to golden gate park to check out the location and see if it was any good for a future photo shoot. then i went to eat dinner in berkeley off solano ave and enjoy the berkeley view.

sunday was a restful day running some errands and then finally playing volleyball at JACL. i got a lot of heat for missing the last two weeks. but it was all in good fun.

lunching in oakland

i was eating lunch today and all of a sudden it got less breezy and dark. i look around and realize that there was a power outage at the restaurant! the fans stopped spinning, the lights went out, and the emergency floodlights went on.

“awesome!” i was thinking to myself. the power went out earlier this morning before i got into the office so i thought that it was another widespread outage. i was pretty excited to finish lunch and head home because there’s no point in sticking around if the office was out of power.

the restaurant uses gas grills so they could continue to cook and serve food, but their fountain drinks weren’t working. the couldn’t charge credit cards and they had to write receipts manually. all in all it was a pretty fun lunch.

i was taking a nice leisurely stroll back to the office through the farmer’s market when i realized that by the time i got to the end of the farmer’s market the streetlights were working again.

i was really bummed to find out that the power outage didn’t affect the office. but i guess it was for the better. if the power went out, i’m sure that i would have stayed until the power went on to make sure the servers were ok.

happy friday, folks. time to go out and enjoy some fun in the sun.

i am weak

i’m weak and i broke down and just ordered the roof rack for my car. i thought that i could wait around and find bits and pieces of it from craigslist, but it was just taking far too long. after a few missed meetings, i think that all of this looking has finally come to an end. i’m ready to buy the thing and get it over with. so i placed my order with agees.com which looks REALLY shady, but paul tells me that they are reputable. we’ll see…

but i ended up buying the rack and i’m pretty excited about it. i’m debating whether or not i want to buy another bike tray for the rack, i’ve got one already. i think that i will most likely buy another one if i find one on the cheap at craigslist. i guess my craigslisting days aren’t over yet.

pinky finger

my pinky finger has been hurting since last weekend. i think i jammed it while playing volleyball and i was hopeful that it would be better by now, but it isn’t. it sort of hurts to type with it and i’ve found that i’m cheating a little bit and altering the way that i type to avoid using the finger.

it really has affected my setting in a bad way too. this is not good.

trying something old

every so often i like to try something that i don’t like to eat just to make sure that i still don’t like to eat it. over the weekend i tried grapes. i was walking by and someone was motioning to throw food in my mouth. so i opened my mouth and in it went.

what i did not know was that it was a grape. i made a face and nearly spit it out. i really am not a fan of the grape. but then i went over to the table where all the food was and tried another grape. this time i needed to make sure that i didn’t like the grape because it was a grape, not because i thought it was something else.

sure enough, i still don’t like grapes.

annoying volleyball

i was playing volleyball last night on my tuesday night team and after our games, i was subbing for another team. right before we started to play, the opposing team complained to the ref about me saying that i was not part of the team. the ref asked the captain and our captain said that i wasn’t part of the roster. now, mind you, this is during normal season play.

so anyway, the ref says that the rules state that i am not elligible to play because the other team complained. he gave our captain the option to either forfeit our matches and play with me for fun or to let me go. i told the captain that i’d go and it’d be fine, but he decided that it would be more fun to play with six and forfeit than to play with five.

i was really surprised that he chose to do that, but that was nice. we proceeded to win both games and have a tremendous amount of fun. i blocked a few people and got in a few good hits. all in all a good night of volleyball. this particular league is full of teams that are poor sports and overly competitive for my tastes, though. there are no new friendships that i’ve made in this league, and i find that kind of sad.