just a few days…

it’s only a few days before the big volleyball tournament that i’ve been organizing for the last month or so. i’ve finally got most of the raffle prizes from the sponsors and i think that the teams are slowly being sorted through. it looks like things are shaping up pretty decently. i need to make a few new designs, but i think that it is all coming together rather nicely.

it’s been a lot of ups and downs this tournament, trying to plan things, trying to get all the information, and trying to get everyone together. i’m writing some documentation for this tournament so that whoever runs the thing next time doesn’t have to go through so much discovery. it has been insane how difficult this tournament has been to organize. the problem is that the information to run the tournament is spread through about half a dozen people so trying to figure out who knows what is the hard part. i think that this will be the last tournament that i organize, it’s been hard work. i’m going to make all the soft copies of all the documents available and hope that whoever does it next, it’ll be easier on them.

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