no pearls?

i went to a pearl tea place today and they told me that they don’t have any pearls yet. they said that they’ll make one in about 20 minutes. 20 minutes?! i can’t believe that i will have to wait 20 minutes for a drink. but i’m sure that it’ll be well worth it.

i’m trying to figure out when my whirlwind pearl tea tour in LA should be. if you are in the LA/san diego area, hit me an email and maybe we can meet up for some pearl tea, eh?

6 thoughts on “no pearls?”

  1. There’s a Chinese cafe open late down here and one evening friends and I ordered boba drinks and we were informed they were out of boba for the night. My friend said, “What?! Last week my mom and I were here and you were out of rice!” All they could do was stammer an apology for the inconvenience.

  2. haha, i don’t really hate canadians. i’m just surrounded by them on my monday volleyball night. my whole team is canadian, it’s freaky.

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