i’m back

is it tuesday already? i am so tired! so it turns out that i’ve been ridiculously busy. how is that possible? i’m not even employed.

i am currently sitting at bar code in san jose enjoying their pearl tea and free wireless internet. let’s start off with the weekend wrap up, shall we?

on friday, i went camping with a ton of people in tahoe. the original plan was to go on the plume trail in tahoe, but my back had been bothering me a little and by the time people went biking, i just wasn’t ready for it. so i had to bail at the last minute and decided to go hiking instead.

saturday was a lot of fun and very relaxing. i think that it was very peaceful to sleep in and just chill out at the camp site. i regret not being able to go biking, but i suppose that i will have to go again some other time.

sunday, we woke up, ate, packed up and spent far too long in traffic. i barely made sunday night volleyball and after that i promptly fell asleep. all in all it was a good weekend.

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