first day on the job

today was the first day at the new job. it was pretty laid back as is usually the case on the first day. i still have to get my development machine up and running, but for the most part it’s alright. i think the hardest part is going to be working at 1024×768. how do people do it? i thought working on one monitor was bad enough, but at this resolution, it’s sort of ridiculous. =P

this is also the first company where i’ve had to work in a cube. that sort of bums me out. what also sucks is that the cube is situated in such a fashion that your back is always faced to the open part of the cube. i feel like i will never get any kind of privacy. i wonder if i still have my mirror from the other company.

my cube neighbors are kind of loud and it seems like it’s going to be like that for a while now, so i’m going to have to remember to bring some tunes with me so that i won’t be so distracted.

but all in all it was a pretty nice, easy going kind of a day. i really enjoyed the fact that the commute was pretty short. being in the same city as your job definitely has its benefits.