i’ll eat anything in front of me

while at city beach inbetween games, we were having this conversation about how i’ve been eating better. i put out these fruit gummies on the table and someone says that they don’t really like gummy candies.

diana: i don’t even like this, but it’s right in front of me and i’ll eat anything in front of me.
me: i’m right in front of you and i don’t see you eating me.
diana: …
rest of the table: <laughter>

ahhh, there are few times where i can stun diana into silence. the last time that happened was when i hugged from after a long day of volleyball, soaked in sweat. yeah…good times.

mr. chau’s

i haven’t had mr. chau’s in a long time and there is one near my work. i remember the days when paul and i would go there and stuff ourselves. cheap fast food. that’s what we were all about. well, i went today and ordered a 3 item combo. one of the items was disgusting and i had to throw it out. the other two were ok, but i only ate maybe a third of it before i had to stop eating.

i’ve put the leftovers in the fridge at work in case i get hungry later, but i don’t think that i will be finishing that lunch. it was not all that tasty.

yesterday, i finally went to try out TC Tea. it’s a pearl tea place that i’ve been wanting to check out for a while, but never knew where it was until yesterday. the pearls were awful, they melted in your mouth! the tea was strong and was not bad, but the pearls were a big deal breaker for me.

man, i’ve been having some bad food lately. i’m going to be trying out this brazilian bbq place tomorrow, i hope that it is better than what i’ve been eating lately.

free XM

when i bought my car a few months ago it came with a free trial of XM satellite radio. the last few months have been quite amazing while i listened to the top 20 on 20, on broadway, npr, comedy, e!, sonic theatre, and so much more…and did i mention that so much of it was commercial free? the free trial is over now and i’m really beginning to feel the pain of missing out on the XM. the problem is that i don’t want to spend $12.95 on radio. what is a boy to do?