epson p-2000

epson p2000

for shooting adam and rae’s wedding, they gave me an epson p-2000 image tank. it has been something that i’ve been wanting for a long while, but just couldn’t get myself to get because i never thought that i would need to have an image tank for the normal shoots that i do.

but at his wedding, i shot something like 10GB of images so i borrowed his image tank and i loved it. i really loved how easy it was to use and how useful it was in the field.

after using it for a while, i have decided that i really like the device. there are a few quirks about the device, like the memory cards needing to be inserted backwards from what you would expect them to be inserted, but i love the image tank.

i know there are some image tanks that don’t have displays and it terrifies me about whether or not you have actually copied all of the images on to the image tank if you can’t preview it. i love how you can preview the images on the image tank and the images are gorgeous.

i am a little disappointed at how slow the device displaying one image to another, but i guess part of that is because i’m dealing with 8MP images.

but overall i’m very pleased with the image tank.

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