broken dryer

jen broke the dryer in our apartment and i have more laundry piling up than ever before. it always is more urgent to do laundry when i can’t do it. whenever jen is doing laundry i have a sudden huge need to do laundry, but when she wasn’t doing it before, i didn’t really care to do it.

now that the dryer is broken, i feel like i have a mountain of laundry to do and it needs to be done NOW. i actually have run out of clean socks and boxers so i suppose it really is imperative that i do some laundry. i contemplated hanging the clothes to drive, but the sheer volume of clothes that i need to dry made that idea unattractive.

i finally went over to the local laundromat and did three huge loads of laundry. that should hold me over until later this week when the apartment people will finally fix the dryer.

2 thoughts on “broken dryer”

  1. You could always hold up a wet piece of laundry and blow on it until it dries. I hear it’s faster that way. Plus it’s good training for your lungs. Let me know. (How come nobody gets me?)

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