embarassing confession

while i was shooting the wedding last week, i was lugging around a particularly heavy lens on my camera. throughout the night i was holding the camera with my right hand.

i think i started to develop a blister on my thumb because it was rubbing against the camera and the weight of the camera was causing a lot of stress on my thumb. is it weird that i think that i have to develop a callous on my thumb to take pictures?


the things photographers do to take a good picture…

faraday cages

i don’t know why i never thought about it until JUST now, but microwave ovens are tiny little faraday cages. i just saw one of the dev guys put a cell phone into the microwave and wait a while. i was trying to figure out what he was doing and he explained that he was trying to get the cell phone to lose signal from the carrier.

“oh YEAH!” if radiation isn’t leaking out, waves probably aren’t leaking in, either!

canon’s announcements

canon has announced the canon 5D digital SLR. a full-frame 12.8MP digital SLR that shoots at 3fps in roughly the same form factor as the 20D. this camera is wedged between the 20D prosumer body and the 1D pro bodies. it looks like a great movie for pros who don’t want to lug around their big 1D bodies with them.

canon has also announced a 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. this lens is a smaller, lighter version of the 24-70mm f/2.8L with a little more length and IS. i’m not sure how much IS will help in this range, but canon seems to be putting IS on everything these days. i was just thinking that if i got this lens, i will complete my all f/4L lens collection, but seeing how i have the 24-70 already, it’s unlikely that i’ll step down to this lens. still, it looks tempting.

the last item of interest to me is canon’s update to the 420EX, the speedlite 430EX flash. it looks like this flash has a much better information panel and controls that the 420EX doesn’t have. it also has a wide angle diffusion panel. to me this feels like the a baby version of the 580EX.

it seems like canon is listening to their users and they’ve created a smaller version of the 1D series of cameras and accessories so that if someone wants to go small, they don’t have to compromise too much.

the 5D looks like an extremely attractive body, but retailing at $3299, it’s far from practical for me. i’ll stay with my 20D, thank you very much. i am curious, though to see the next version of the 5D. i think that may be the camera for me.