faraday cages

i don’t know why i never thought about it until JUST now, but microwave ovens are tiny little faraday cages. i just saw one of the dev guys put a cell phone into the microwave and wait a while. i was trying to figure out what he was doing and he explained that he was trying to get the cell phone to lose signal from the carrier.

“oh YEAH!” if radiation isn’t leaking out, waves probably aren’t leaking in, either!

3 thoughts on “faraday cages”

  1. i dunno, we do weird things here. what i really want to do is create a mini cell phone tower and be my own carrier. tell me how to do that…legally. i think i need to build a huge faraday cage around the office. that way no one can catch us…

  2. I do it all the time at my apartment. I only get one bar of signal strentgh on the verizon network in my apartment. When I put my lg 6000 phone in the microwave (don’t turn the micorwave oven on) for ten seconds the phone will be on extended network and I will have five bars of signal strength. I am about 1 mile from the verizon tower and about 1000 feet from a competitors (extended network) tower.

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