worst morning ever

i’ve had a really rough morning. sometime over the night there was a black out in the apartment. power was restored around 6AM this morning. i slept through it all just fine, but was woken up by a very bad dream. when i woke up i felt awful and i looked to see what time it was and i saw that flashing time of 12:36. uh oh. i thought that i had overslept so when i checked the other clock to see what time it really was, i didn’t believe it when it read 6:30AM. i checked another clock and sure enough it really was 6:30AM. i reset my alarm clock and went back to sleep.

i got woken up again at 8AM feeling even less rested than when i first woke up. the bad dream was still on my mind and i did not get a restful sleep. now i feel exhausted and i have a long day ahead of me…

i think i need a donut.

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