tv season

one of the things that people have been commenting on now that i don’t have a 1+ hour commute each way to work is how i will be able to watch all the tv that i used to watch. it’s true, i will have a lot of tv to watch and i’m a little scared that the new tv season is about to start. i can’t believe that september is already nearly here. where did the summer go?

i didn’t get to go mountain biking nearly as much as i wanted to tihs summer. i think that i’ll have to make an effort to go more while i can. it turns out that i tihnk i will be going to northstar this weekend, though. we’ll have to see! it’ll be the first time that i’ve gone there and i’ve got some anxiety going, but i think it will be okay. this reminds me that i need to buy some good gloves for the trip.

there’s got to be a way

my commute to work has not been good lately. i am sure that there has got to be a way to get to and from work in under 30 minutes, but i have yet to find it. it’s a little discouraging, but i’ll have to keep trying out other routes to see what works best. i think the thing that frustrates me is that it is only a 10 mile drive! all of these cars are getting in the way. it took me nearly an hour to get home last night. i think that i found a new route though that should dramatically cut down my travel time.

i think that i am going to try out some new lunch places, the goal is to not repeat until i’ve exhausted everything in the area. i eventually want to venture into japantown for lunch. i haven’t eaten there in ages!

food dilemma

i have been hunting around town for lunch and it seems that my taste in food has dramatically changed. maybe it’s because there weren’t many fast food options at my old job location, but i’ve become a total snob when it comes to lunch food. i don’t like eating fast food and i’ve actually lost my appetite when i do try and eat quick food.

i went to the ranch 99 market to eat from their lunch deli and i couldn’t finish the meal. this has never happened before. i used to LOVE their food. man, i hope this isn’t an indication for bad things to come! i would be sad if i can’t eat fast food anymore.