there’s got to be a way

my commute to work has not been good lately. i am sure that there has got to be a way to get to and from work in under 30 minutes, but i have yet to find it. it’s a little discouraging, but i’ll have to keep trying out other routes to see what works best. i think the thing that frustrates me is that it is only a 10 mile drive! all of these cars are getting in the way. it took me nearly an hour to get home last night. i think that i found a new route though that should dramatically cut down my travel time.

i think that i am going to try out some new lunch places, the goal is to not repeat until i’ve exhausted everything in the area. i eventually want to venture into japantown for lunch. i haven’t eaten there in ages!

4 thoughts on “there’s got to be a way”

  1. yeah, i really like gombei, too. they don’t have a huge selection and they are missing a few very key dishes, but their bento boxes are still pretty good.

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