tv season

one of the things that people have been commenting on now that i don’t have a 1+ hour commute each way to work is how i will be able to watch all the tv that i used to watch. it’s true, i will have a lot of tv to watch and i’m a little scared that the new tv season is about to start. i can’t believe that september is already nearly here. where did the summer go?

i didn’t get to go mountain biking nearly as much as i wanted to tihs summer. i think that i’ll have to make an effort to go more while i can. it turns out that i tihnk i will be going to northstar this weekend, though. we’ll have to see! it’ll be the first time that i’ve gone there and i’ve got some anxiety going, but i think it will be okay. this reminds me that i need to buy some good gloves for the trip.

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