new gallery widget

i added a new gallery widget to the blog. i have to admit that i stole paul’s idea of a rotating image on the blog. i really liked it, but i wasn’t sure how i wanted to do it. previously i just had a random five images, but i had to keep adding to the library of images and i just didn’t update that library often.

now, this gallery basically goes through every single image i’ve posted anywhere on my web site that has a thumbnail and it links back to the web page that the image originated from. nifty, eh?

do you remember a time?

do you remember a time when a lingering scent would bring back a flood of memories so pure, so filled with elation that you have to stop everything that you are doing because you simply cannot do anything else but enjoy that sweet, simple scent?

do you remember a time when you would just stand so close to them, your heart pounding, yearning to be closer, waiting for that inevitable moment when the two of you could come together in the warm embrace that brings with it a kind of serenity that you’ve never experienced before?

do you remember eagerly anticipating the moment when you would see your beloved and everything that was going wrong in your life seemed inconsequential?

do you remember a time when you would lie next to them, hearing their soft, rhythmic breath and knowing that there would be no place you’d rather be?

i remember a time when i felt so passionately about someone, so enraptured by their every breath. i’ve always been the romantic. i’ve always wanted that kind of fairy-tale love that knows no bounds. it’s been a while since i’ve felt that way. it seems like it’s going to be a long while before i will feel that way again. don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that i’m uncomfortable with my singlehood, but i think that i’ve always known that life was better with two.

there are times when i feel so defeated, so crushed that i wonder if that kind of love was really meant for me. i guess today is just one of those low days. it’ll pass.

sonoma chicken coop lunch

you know, one of the wonderful things about working near where you live is that i also work near where my friends work. this is really kind of cool that i can meet up with them for lunch. today, greg had “won” some kind of informational lunch thing where some financial advisor would talk about financial…uhhhh, advising and then she’d buy us lunch.

so greg, cheryl, grace, john, jen, paul, leeya, and i had lunch at sonoma chicken coop today. the food was good and free lunch is always a nice thing.