city beach santa clara complaint

i’ve been playing at city beach in santa clara for a while now. last season the water fountain broke and they have not yet fixed it. it’s been well over two months now. previously, they put out pitchers of tap water for players to drink as a replacement for the broken water fountain. that seemed pretty reasonable and fair.

during playoffs they refuse to give out pitchers of water AND they have not yet repaired the water fountain, in fact, they have completely removed the water fountain from the wall and all that is left there is the piping that the water came from.

i find it outrageous that they have been providing water all season and then suddenly, without explanation, they flatly refuse to give water to the players. that just seems ridiculous.

i’m going to buy a pack of water for the team in case they get thirsty and don’t want to spend the money for some drinking water.

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