we’ll hit on you

last night was the last game that my team we’ll hit on you played. it was playoffs and our .500 team ranked 7th went up against the 10th ranked team in the first round. we were short a player and played with 5 people. we barely beat out the team in three games and then we had the long wait before our next match.

our next match was against the #2 ranked team that was a solid team. we also went three games with them and finally took them out at the end, close games all around. our team played better than it ever had before and though the season felt like we never really gelled last night it felt like everyone was working together as a cohesive unit.

after upsetting the #2 team, our next match had the strongest hitters that hit with a voracity that i’ve never seen before in this league. our team stepped up and in three games again we dealt another upset against the #3 ranked team.

we had made it to playoffs and things were looking good, but alas we just couldn’t quite finish against the #5 ranked team and we lost in the finals. considering that our team had struggled all throughout the season, making it to playoffs, playing as well as we did was really quite amazing, fun, and wonderful.

it was the perfect way to finish off the season. i don’t know if i will play with these people again, but last night was memorable and great.