columbus day

my company observes columbus day as a holiday so i don’t have work today. i don’t know how many people have this day off, but i suspect that most of my non-government employed friends are working today. i’m not really sure why my company observes this day as a holiday, but i guess that’s one of the perks of working for a japanese owned company, you can tell them that these are days that we should have off. =P

i’ve been in the process to redecorate my room a little. i’ve bought my mat cutter and i’m now choosing pictures that i want to mat and frame. i’m not sure which picture i want to blow up a lot, but i think i’ve found a panorama that i want to blow up BIG and frame. we’ll see how much framing a picture like that will cost. i wonder where i can get custom frames made on the cheap. i’ll have to pop on by aaron brothers to find out.

one of the biggest difficulties i’ve had while sifting through these images is trying to decide what is really print worthy or not. i’ve got thousands of pictures to sift through and it’s hard to decide which images make the cut.

we celebrated john’s birthday by going to andy’s bbq on friday night. i don’t think that i’m really a big fan of bbq restaurants. the food was ok, but wasn’t really amazing. i don’t think that i really like places that rely heavily on the bbq sauce to make the meat good. i’m much more of a dry rub kind of a guy, i think.

speaking of which, i think that i’ve had a bit of an overdose on red meat lately. it may be time for me to moderate a little. the strangest thing is that i’m sort of craving pasta right now. i NEVER crave pasta. what is wrong with me?