this wedding i keep forgetting

i have been forgetting about de and kim’s wedding all the time. i keep making plans on the day and then i have to cancel because i forgot that the wedding was that day. the most recent plans i made was to have ramen with dardy in mountain view. i was really bummed out when i realized that i had the wedding to go because i was really looking forward to ramen at ryowa. it’s been forever since i’ve eaten there.

the wedding was pretty fantastic, the couple never looked happier. i had a lot of wine at the wedding, more than i usually ever have. it was pretty good wine, though. i’m usually not a fan of wine so i wasn’t sure if i was drinking the wine because it was good or if it was because i just had nothing better to do.

as the couple was coming around toasting the tables, i noticed that the groom was drinking what looked to be tea from his cup. he cannot handle his liquor very well and having to toast 30+ tables would surely have gotten him drunk. the bride was drinking a clear liquid and someone asked if it was water. i couldn’t imagine that it could possibly be water and i told them that it HAD to be grey goose. she loves the stuff and sure enough, she had been toasting the tables with a wine glass full of grey goose.

the wedding was lively and fun and it was a blast. i really enjoy seeing deliriously happy couples on their wedding day. it’s all one could ask for in a wedding.

out and about

jen and i went to stacks on saturday for breakfast in campbell. we put our name down at the restaurant and heard that there was a 40 minute wait. we walked around downtown campbell and checked out oktoberfest. it was just by chance that it was being held there, neither of us knew that it was going on. i was at first disappointed that we didn’t go on sunday where there usually is a farmer’s market, but the oktoberfest was pretty cool, too.

we finally got to eat and i ordered a full stack of blue germ pancakes. i don’t know why i always do this, but i order the full stack and i never finish it. the two pancakes are more than enough. but the pancakes were still good. i have never tried anything else besides pancakes there. maybe one day i will, but it’s hard to stray from them.