motorola T721

i hate this device more than you can ever know. i hate it because it is ugly. i hate it because it is old. i hate it because there is just nothing that i can like about it.

it is because of its insanely TINY buffer size for WML content rendering that i spent a good part of the day trying to figure out why my pages won’t render.


cal vs wsu

i went to watch the cal/wsu game on saturday. night games have always been a little tough for me because of how cold it gets. the first night game i went to was a 49ers game that my dad took me to. i remember being so excited going to my first game. i asked how long it could be and my dad told me that it could be all night long if they went into overtime.

before we left, i remember telling my mom excitedly that i was going to go watch the game and not to stay up because i might be out ALL NIGHT LONG. it was really cold that night, but my dad bought me one of those big blow horns and i kept blowing that thing all night long. it was a lot of fun and though i didn’t know too many of the rules back then i think it was that night that began my interest in football.

the cal game was more emotional than it should have been, the bears were leading by quite a large margin at the half. then they slumbered for the next quarter and a half and wsu came back with many unanswered touchdowns. they were down in the 4th, but finally cal managed to come back with a final drive that clinched the win. very exciting, but very scary too. both cal games i’ve gone to this year, they’ve won. let’s hope they keep up.