volleyball, week 2

yesterday was week two at city beach. we were coming off a 4 game loss last week so this week was our chance to redeem ourselves. the first team that we played against was a pretty new team to the sport and they had a lot of difficulty playing. i feel bad for these teams because it must be disheartening to play week after week losing every single game.

the second team we played was a better team and the games were close. i didn’t eat much for lunch and i was really running out of steam in the first match. i started to feel light headed towards the end of the match and let three consecutive balls sail over my head and land into the court. i knew that they were in, but i just couldn’t do anything about it.

we were starting to lose our lead and the game was getting really close. the setter had motioned for me to hit a 10 and i wasn’t sure if i had the energy to do it.

it was sheer will that was keeping me standing and now he wanted me to run, jump 5 feet, hit a ball, and rush back to my defensive position?! i knew that if i didn’t win the point, i’d have to endure more torture.

so when the ball came to me, i ran, jumped, and hit the ball as hard as i could and miraculously it landed in the opponent’s court. the game was won and we could finally all rest.

the next match, i was still rather exhausted. i didn’t know how i was going to survive another 20 points. the game wore on and i got my second wind. we managed to win the second game and as soon as it was over, i headed to my car.

i ordered pizza on the way home and it was delicious. i stopped after eating half a large, not because i wasn’t still hungry, but because i have found that when i eat more than half a large pizza i usually start to feel ill.

i tried to fall asleep early last night, but something had prevented me from finding the slumber that i yearned so much more. instead, i ended up watching tv until i finally fell asleep.

bugzilla message

one of the ways that i know what work to do is to check our bug tracking program, bugzilla. it’s a pretty common piece of software used to submit bugs that then tells developers to do work.

after i push a button in bugzilla, i get a brief message saying “Bugzilla is pondering your query…”

i’m waiting for the day that i get the message, “After pondering your message, Bugzilla has decided to ignore you. Please try again.”

i like software with personality.