a creature of habit

for the most part i think that i’m a creature of habit. i made this realization today while trying to order lunch at this local thai restaurant. they had a variety of lunch specials and instead of branching out and trying something new, i went with the tried and true meal and quite possibly my favorite thai dish: panang curry.

i don’t know why i like this curry so much, but if i find myself at a thai restaurant, i will inevitably order it.

it makes me wonder what other sorts of things i have come to always do without really thinking about it. i always put my right contact in before my left, i always dry my face before any other part of my body after getting out of the shower, and i always hit the snooze button on the alarm before turning it off…even if i don’t snooze a little while after the alarm is off.

i think that there probably is some sense of comfort in a routine, but sometimes you need to shake things up. starting next week, i’m going to try and do something new every day.

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